iPhone Ejection: What it Means and How to Fix it

This is about an iPhone user that experienced the problem of ejecting when they try to put their device in sleep mode. There is a lot of issues with the Iphone and the sleep button. When your device is not working properly with it you might want to try resetting it. The steps for doing that are very easy and they can help most people that have this kind of problem. You should start by turning your device off and then putting it back on again pressing the sleep button for about 20 seconds. After that you need to go into recovery mode using the iTune software . This is all you need to do in order to fix computer problems with the sleep button.

What iPhone Ejection is?

The problem with the sleep button is that it gets stuck inside. When this happens you might see your iPhone ejected forcefully when try to put it in sleep mode. When the sleep button comes out, everything seems to go back to normal and there are no ejections taking place anymore.

Causes of iPhone Ejection

There are several reasons why does this happen. One of them is the fact you are wearing your device’s sleep button down following repeated use. If you put a lot of pressure on it, sooner or later it will get stuck inside and there is nothing much that can be done about that. Another reason for this to take place might happen when you use your device in dusty environments. Your iPhone might get stuck when dust particles that are on the inside of your device gets into the sleep button mechanism.

How to Fix iPhone Ejection

When this happens you need to start by turning your device off. Then take out the SIM card and use a paperclip to push the sleep button for about 20 seconds. This should make the ejection go away, but you might still want to try taking it apart and cleaning it to make sure there are no dust particles inside. If the ejection still occurs after trying the described method you might want to try restoring your device. This can be done using a computer and making sure you have installed iTunes on it. Then connect your iPhone to said computer and restore it from there .

Prevention Tips for Avoiding iPhone Ejection

This problem is common with iPhone users and it can be prevented if you learn how to properly handle your device. You should not put too much pressure on the sleep button and you should avoid taking apart your phone every time there is a malfunction.

The best option here is to take it to a professional or trying out one of those online guides that can help you fix common iPhone problems without having to take your device apart.

Article Summary

This article is about an iPhone user that had the problem of ejecting when they try to put their device in sleep mode. There are several reasons for this to take place, like wearing down the sleep button or dust particles. When this happens the sleep button gets stuck inside and it might eject forcefully.

When this happens you should start by turning your device off, before taking out the SIM card and pushing the sleep button for about 20 seconds using a paperclip . You can then try to restore your device using iTunes. This is recommended if the problem still persists after doing these steps .

What Does Eject Iphone Mean

Eject in this case means to make something come out of something else, like in the case of ejecting the sleep button when it gets stuck inside . When an iPhone gets ejected there is no solution for that since it can’t be fixed. This might happen sometimes when dust particles get into the mechanism and stop the sleep button from working properly.

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